I Can't Stop Balling! By Amelia Huff, Age 10 1/2

I have been balling since last night. I cryed so hard my pillow got wet and so did Bunny and my very special Vermount teddy bear that my Dad got me for Childrens Day last year. (Every day is Childrens day at my dad's house!!! :-) Do you want to know the reason why Im sad? Well Ill tell you. Carrie Underwood (SCARY UNDERWARE) won American Idol last night. Even though her singing is bad and her STUPID LESBAIN SONG stank and her hair looked all tangeled like my Flava doll who's head got stuck in one of the jets in my Dad's hot tub. (My Flava name is "Wonder Boo!") As soon as I found out Carrie won I got on the phone and called my cousin Hannah. We balled together. She said "Amelia I think one day you will marry Bo Bice. You have a Special connection like Trista and Ryan."

I hope it is true. Bo my email address is [email protected]. I promise I will always be true to you. I am not like those girls who like one guy on American Idol and then forget all about him next year. I beleive getting married is FOREVER unlike my mom the hore.

Reasons why Bo Bice should have won, by Amelia (me!)

1. I could drownd in his blue eyes.

2. He can sing good even after taking lots of Cocaine.

3. I heard his girlfreind is pregnant. They should do it two more times so they can have triplets!

4. He has the same birthday as my cousin Cassie.

5. He is freinds with a very famous and good musician named Leonard Skinnard.

So you see I am right. I am always right. I hope Carrie becomes very unfamous quick.

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