I Am So Old Enough! By Amelia Huff Age 10

Do you want to hear something so ridiculus it will make you die lauhging? I am not aloud to watch The O.C. That's right me, Amelia Huff who is almost a preteen is not aloud to watch a regular TV show that does not even have swaring or butts. And I am 10 and A HALF! Yesterday was my half birthday. Too bad I am on spring break from school or I would have brung treats to celebrate. I would have brung Blow Pops. Blue Rasberry.

I did not complaine when Mom would not let me see Beauty Shop. I thought "Well maybe next year when I am 11 1/2." I did not complain cuz I am "A Low Maintence Kid" which is what my mom says I pretty much am. I am not a pain like my cousin Cassie who still pees the bed and crys whenever we go to Home Depot because she wants to buy this one sprinkler so bad.

But this time i am so mad at my mom! She says The O.C. is for grownups and I said then you probably havent seen it. Because all the pepole on it are kids! That Marissa girl (the one who is so beutiful) is probably only 7 years older then me and she is already DOING IT and even with girls. And since my mom and me are Presbaterian, its okay if shes gay. Its Gay-OK like pastor Timothy says! So whats the big deal?

My freinds at school who get to watch The O.C. say their is nothing dirty on it. No bad words, and they dont show the pepole doing it. There is no reasen for me to not be watching this show. No reasen except MOM! When will she realize I am not a kid anymore? Dad says she is in Deniel. Because I am all she has. But someday Custody will change and i will live with him in Wisconsin and we will watch The O.C. and he will buy me a red Ford Focus when I turn 16. My dad is the best!

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