Hymie's Vintage announces 14-act Record Store Day lineup

As excitement for the upcoming Record Store Day on April 21 continues to grow, entertainment plans for the big day from local record shops are beginning to be announced. First out of the gate is Hymie's Vintage Records, which has a full day of great music and merriment planned for its second annual street festival for RSD.

The event will get underway in a grand fashion at 10:30 a.m., with a marching band (organized by Jackie Beckey of Brute Heart) and circus performers (featuring stilt walkers, jugglers, and a handful of clowns from Xelias Aerial Arts Studio) delightfully kicking off the festivities.

Hymie's is blocking off 39th Avenue South for the day, which will allow space for plenty of local artists (highlighted by poster artist D.Witt, ceramic artist Ben Krikava, as well as Rogue Citizen) and various community groups to set up on the street. And of course there will be music. Lots of music. Hymie's has 14 fantastic bands scheduled to appear both inside the shop and outside, which should keep everyone entertained as they browse through the limited-edition vinyl releases that are exclusive to Record Store Day.

Hymie's Vintage announces 14-act Record Store Day lineup

Hymie's is focusing on bands who are releasing an album this year or just released one in 2011, as well as some of their longtime favorites (this will be the third year in a row that Buffalo Moon has played RSD at Hymie's). The stellar list of local performers that Hymie's has gathered includes Liminal Phase, White Whales, Is/Is, Big Quarters, the Goondas, Ben Weaver, the Cactus Blossoms, Brian Just Band, and more (in addition to Buffalo Moon), plus a secret surprise guest that Hymie's will be announcing soon.

It's a great lineup even without the special, unknown band, and this totally free, kid-friendly event (the ACE hardware store across the street will have a bouncy castle) is a wonderful way to familiarize yourself with the talented local bands who help make the Twin Cities such a wonderful place for music. In addition to all of that, the store will also have between 2,000 and 3,000 25-cent records out for everyone, and tons of freebies from Hymie's and other Longfellow-area businesses.

And, most importantly, RSD is a way for music fans to show personal and financial support to the fantastic array of local record stores that we are truly fortunate to have in the area. They continue to stock their shelves with great records from both local and national acts, while continuing to forge a tight-knit music community who firmly believe in the lasting power of tangible, tactile music releases. For there is a distinct joy that comes from flipping through records while looking for that undiscovered, unheard jewel. It's something that today's digital world can't compete with, no matter how convenient MP3's are. 

So music lovers, be sure to keep April 21st free on your calendar, because this Record Store Day event at Hymie's will be just one of the many fantastic, music-related affairs planned throughout the Twin Cities throughout the day.

Here's the full lineup of Record Store Day performers at Hymie's:

Outside stage
Buffalo Moon
Big Quarters
Liminal Phase
Brian Just Band
White Whales
Extra Special Secret Surprise Guest (to be announced soon!)

Indoor stage
Pocahontas County
The Cactus Blossoms
The Ericksons
Ben Weaver
Martin Devaney
The Annandale Cardinals

Afterparty (inside stage)
The Goondas


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