Hyland preps for a CD-release weekend

Recovering from their gear being stolen just two weeks before they were set to go on tour in March, Hyland releases their new album, Weights & Measures, with two shows at Living Word Christian Center this weekend.

Band Members: Jon Lewis, Steve Weigel, Mitchell Hansen, Ben Early

CD release date: May 3, 2011, Weights & Measures

CD release shows:

May 6, AA, $10, 6:30 pm with Steve Salazar, Love Out Loud, Blank Page Empire, The Suit

May 7, AA, $10, 6:30 pm with Josiah Erickson, Fades Away, Children 18:3

Both shows at:
Living Word Christian Center
9201 75th Ave. No.
Brooklyn Park, MN 55428

Gimme Noise: What would you be if you weren't a musician?

Jon: A homeowner.

Steve: Beach bum.

Mitch: College graduate.

Ben: Veterinarian (actually allergic to everything).

What is your favorite local band?

Jon: The Suit.

Steve: Get Young.

Mitch: Take Cover.

Ben: Quietdrive.

Favorite local venue to play?

Jon: The Varsity.

Steve: Trocaderos (RIP).

Mitch: Club 3 (RIP).

Ben: Fineline Music Cafe

Favorite place to eat/drink in the Twin Cities?

Jon: The Nook.

Steve: Duffy's.

Mitch: The Flame.

Ben: Hell's Kitchen.

Finish this statement: Never have I ever...

Jon: ...missed a MN winter while touring the south.

Steve: ...won a Grammy.

Mitch: ...gone sky diving.

Ben: ...enjoyed White Castle.

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