Husker Du live in 1981 (MP3s)

Mere weeks before the band's first full-length, "Land Speed Record," was recorded at the 7th St. Entry, Husker Du blew the doors off an unsuspecting San Francisco audience at Mabuhay Gardens.

The popular music blog "I Am Fuel, You Are Friends" has posted the entire show.

If you grew up listening to hardcore, this is a great little artifact of the era. It's even more fun to look at retrospectively, to see how the lines the trio crossed between thrash and melody continued to intersect, and how that's affected music nearly three decades (yikes) later.

It's chock-full of rapid-fire favorites ("Tired of Doing Things," "All Tensed Up," "Let's Go Die"), and I'd forgotten how much "Data Control" foreshadowed their psychedelic, hypnotic cover of "Eight Miles High" years later.

The introduction for the legendary band is hilarious, too, coming in a close second to Joan Rivers for the "most surreal lead-in to a Husker Du performance."

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