Hurra Torpedo to join The Darkness on reunion tour

Hurra Torpedo to join The Darkness on reunion tour

Bring the noise! Hurra Torpedo in top form.

It's hard to believe that, not too long ago, three lads from Norway were able to dominate the airwaves with a handful of hand-me-down kitchen appliances. But that's what Hurra Torpedo did with their smash cover of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in 2005, which became an instant internet meme that persists to this day.

It should be thankful news to music lovers both critical and casual that the Darkness, the glam revivalists that sparked a nation with their monumental hit single "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" in 2003, have selected Hurra Torpedo to be their supporting act on an upcoming reunion tour scheduled for this July.

It's been a handful of quiet years for both acts, and, like most of us, Gimme Noise has been eagerly awaiting signs of life from the defunct Brit quintet. It was hard for us to believe that, after so meteoric a rise and a handful of such scholarly, in-depth releases, the band had really decided to call it quits.

Fret no more, dear readers. The best news? The tour will be making a pit stop at the 400 Bar. They'll be opening for The No Nos, who already had a hold on the night, so get there bright and early.

Hurra Torpedo and Darkness: Bringing it All Back Home Tour 2009

7/08-- American Legion Hall #1125, Indianapolis, IN
7/09-- The Daily Grind Coffee House, Gary, IN
7/10-- TBA
7/11-- Famous Dave's, East Moline, KA
7/12-- TBA
7/13-- TBA
7/14-- Gobbler County Fair, Boyd, NE
7/15-- The 400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN
7/16-- TBA
7/17-- Andrew Jackson High School Sadie Hawkins Bonanza, Kenosha, WI
7/18-- Concrete University's Dorm Daze Fest-- Concrete, WI
7/19-- Battle of the Bands @ East Lansing Banquet Hall, East Lansing, MI

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