Hunting Club on the Rock the Link Benefit at Triple Rock tonight

Hunting Club on the Rock the Link Benefit at Triple Rock tonight
Photo Courtesy Of Hunting Club's Facebook

A terrific collection of local bands are gathering tonight at the Triple Rock Social Club in support of a worthwhile, significant cause, as the Rock The Link benefit is set to help bring an end to youth homelessness. The benefit concert brings much needed attention and financial support to The Link, a local charitable organization that has provided education, housing options, and a supportive social services network to at-risk youth in the Twin Cities.

Doors to the Triple Rock open tonight at 6 p.m., with music starting at 6:30. According to the event's Facebook page, Prairie Fire Lady Choir will be the opening act, followed by performances from the Hard Luck, the Discord Syndicate, Hunting Club, Warpossums, Them That Dare, Vernon Wayne, and Deign Records. Tickets to the benefit can be purchased here, with proceeds going directly to The Link.

Gimme Noise was able to catch up with Eric Pasi, the frontman in the local quartet Hunting Club, to ask him a few questions about how his band got involved in the benefit, and what supporting this worthwhile cause means to him.

Gimme Noise: How did you get involved with the benefit tonight? How did you hear about The Link?

Eric Pasi: Our friends are tied closely to The Link (a few work there) and, in general, we're very supportive of local non-profit benefit shows (we've done several in the past).

Is this a cause you have supported before?

We were invited to play last year but it didn't work out for us at the time. I've been a huge proponent of programs that support positive social change. Keeping kids in school, off the street, and in a positive environment is the only means to upward economic mobility. A product of inner city public programs myself, focusing on education over where to sleep or get your next meal is a huge relief to young people. Shelter and safety are basic human rights.

Are you friends with the other bands on the bill?

There are a total of 8 local bands tonight, and although we're unfamiliar with the others personally, it's always exciting to share music with a diverse group of artists.

How is the new Hunting Club record coming along?

We're taking quite a bit of time with the new album which should "drop" late this year. The tracks are coming from a super introspective place that just takes time to develop. The first single is available as a free download from our Facebook page.

Hunting Club on the Rock the Link Benefit at Triple Rock tonight

Rock The Link takes place tonight at the Triple Rock, with doors at 6, and music starting at 6:30.

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