Hunting Club album art recognized in Vogue

Did you know that tweed and plaid are all the rage this fall? We didn't either. But Vogue wants to help you flesh out all your must-have accessories for the season with their guide of

100 items for under $100

, from skirts and jackets to stationary, wallets, compacts, and... the debut album by Twin Cities rock band Hunting Club?

Nevermind that there are only 82 items on their list of "100 items" or that an album is a sort of awkward fashion accessory -- dude, Hunting Club is featured in Vogue today! Hilarious and awesome.

The band's debut, The Plaid Album, features handmade album art with their name stitched into a swatch of scratchy plaid cloth. While the editors of Vogue may not be rocking out to the band's catchy indie rock tunes as they type, they have an eye for good design and Hunting Club's record is certainly unique. Props to the band for scoring this cool, if random, nod from a national outlet.

"Lifelong dream fulfilled," tweeted bassist Nate Dykstra.

Now, if we could just get Redbook to take a look at this Moonstone album art...

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