Howler's second album, World of Joy, coming in March

After a funny pre-announcement in December, Howler have officially put out the details for their second full-length album via Rough Trade. The follow-up to 2012's America Give Up is titled World of Joy, and it arrives on March 25.

The band has debuted a new song from the collection titled "Don't Wanna," and it's an early entrant for the slacker anthem of the year.

The Brit-rock melody backs a raw-voiced Jordan Gatesmith listing off the many things a free-thinking individual doesn't have to do. "You don't have to listen to the Smiths if you don't want to," for example. You can listen to this over and over if you want to.

World of Joy was recorded at The Terrarium studio and reunites the band -- now consisting of Gatesmith, guitarist Ian Nygaard, bass/keyboard player Max Petrek, and new drummer Rory MacMurdo --  with producer Chris Heidman.

"The songs and the record, ultimately, became accounts of Ian, Max, Rory, and I living and dreaming passionately," Gatesmith says in a statement. "The record is supposed to be almost like a jukebox at some sloppy bar in Minneapolis playing things like: Thin Lizzy, The Replacements, The Modern Lovers, Kiss, The Smiths, The Stooges, and other randomly assorted bands. It's a tribute to our love of rock n roll and to the lineage of that genre we so admire."


The Howler frontman co-directed the "Don't Wanna" video with Alex Behms & Mike Allan.

World Of Joy Tracklisting:
Al's Coral
Don't Wanna (listen to the song here)
Yacht Boys
In The Red
World Of Joy
Here's The Itch That Creeps Through My Skull
Aphorismic Wasteland Blues

Howler will play at the Current's Birthday Party show on Saturday.