Howler's cranky America Give Up viral marketing guy debuts

Our Year In Music cover stars Howler are back with a hilariously subversive marketing campaign for their raucous debut full-length, America Give Up, which was created by the Minneapolis-based ad agency Mono.

Over at the fittingly titled site, there is a curmudgeonly old man musing about the sad state of affairs in our country in short, comical bursts, followed by a brief plug for Howler's new record. The elderly, but decidedly feisty, man comes across as a hipster, alternative version of Andy Rooney, and spouts off about everything from politics, the Kardashians, and "dudes be wearing sandals."

And while most of the old man's rants have little to do with Howler's music itself -- other than brief clips of him dropping the needle down on his old school record player and listening to America Give Up, and him dancing along to their music while the vinyl spins in the background -- the endless loops of amusing clips punctuated by AMERICA GIVE UP in big red letters and a noisy bit of distortion are extensive enough that you aren't bound to hear a repeat for a good 15 minutes or so. All the while, you are hit with a steady barrage of witty barbs as well as a recurrent burst for the album.

Here are some of the best quips from the old man:

-- "Leave Lana Del Rey alone. It's not her fault she's part mannequin."

-- "MTV gave America a rash called Snookie."

-- "You should read my blog. It's called Get Off The Damn Computer And Live Life."

And, to drum up some added hype for Howler's just announced performances at SXSW, the old man saves some of his best wisecracks for the tastemaking Austin music festival.

---I saw a guy walking with a cane at South By Southwest. He probably works for Rolling Stone.

---South By Southwest is $500 a ticket. Pay me $500, and I'll sing you some songs in skinny jeans.

And, for those of you heading down to the warmth and wildness that is SXSW, here are Howler's scheduled performances in Austin so far, with more gig announcements to soon follow.

14th Mar - Mellow Johnnys Bike Shop - KEXP Live On Air Performance (11:30AM CST)
14th Mar - Waterloo Records (6:00PM CST)
15th Mar - Stage On Sixth - Paste Magazine Party (12:30PM CST)
16th March - Lustre Pearl - Filter / Dickies Official SXSW Showcase (4:00PM CST)

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