Howler announce new album with fresh shenanigans

Howler announce new album with fresh shenanigans
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We nearly got through 2013 without having to think about Howler. And if you need a refresher as to why people got sick of this scrappy and talented local garage-rock act, go read this.

Anyhow, today Jordan Gatesmith and co. announced in a very roundabout and cocky way that they're putting out a new album next year.

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It starts with a heartfelt thanks for the support the band has received so far, and you can bet that the Howler haters' bloodlust is already building. You can almost hear them muttering things like, "Will this be the last we hear of these little twerps who don't respect the Minneapolis scene?"

But no. Not in the least. And the grammatical errors start popping up. And with a "heavy heart," they announce that the pressure is getting to them, and... a new record is coming out soon. No word if this will come out via Rough Trade, but it looks like there haven't been any updates on their label page in over a year.

Here's the full announcement (sans the Geoff Tate EPK they attached):

An update for our fan:
We truly, truly appreciate you for buying our first EP and LP and supporting us so extensively. It's truly amazing to us all that you like our music so much. All the live shows, all the parties, all the money. We can't begin to express how indebted we are to you. It means so dang much.

Thanks for everything

UNFORTUNAtly, with a very heavy heart, we must tell you that due to mounting pressure from the label and our rapidly deteriorating mental health...

This isn't easy for any1 of us but...

our new record is COMING OUT SOON

As the late, gr8 Jimm Morrison, from the critically acclaimed hippy butt rock band, "The Doors" once said,


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