How to host a Jeremy Messersmith concert at your house

Jeremy Messersmith's new album, Heart Murmurs, has rightfully brought his music to a much wider audience, both here in America and across the world. Messersmith and his band are currently playing some legendary clubs throughout Europe, and will return to the States for more high-profile dates, including a coveted spot on this year's Rock the Garden lineup.

Even though the clubs, the stages, and the audiences have all grown bigger for him, Messersmith still wants to connect with his fans on a personal level. He aims to rekindle the overwhelming success of the Supper Club tour that he embarked on two years ago, and is looking for hosts for another series of small, cozy shows this July and August.

Does your home match Jeremy's basic criteria for a gig? If so, you could very well be hosting your very own intimate live performance this summer.

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In addition to the shows themselves, Messersmith is looking to link each of these performances with a locally sourced dinner as well, a subject he clearly feels strongly about.

This year, I'll be embarking on a house show tour. There's one thing though -- I want you to bring the food.

Not just any food though! I want to try your best, most mouthwatering dishes; the kind passed down through battered cookbooks, the kind that you've sworn to keep secret. I want to provide a soundtrack while you sample a feast the likes of which will never be seen again.

The Super Club Tour is about good music, good food, and great company.

Additionally, we'll be donating a portion of the Supper Club Tour ticket sales to a food/sustainability charity.

I'd like to showcase efforts to grow and cook delicious, sustainable food. In addition to playing dinner shows every night, I'll be stopping by farms, restaurants, farmer's markets, food trucks, ranches, and co-ops to showcase the best in good, real food.

As for the criteria for the hosts, the requirements are quite simple:

"If you are comfortable with letting 30-50 strangers into your home, this is the gig for you. Since I'll be touring in fairly nice weather, backyards might work as well. Don't worry, we provide all of the utensils and recyclable plates and cups, so no dishes!"

On his travels, Messersmith is also interested in visiting people who are doing their part to bring good, natural, sustainable food to their area. And he's also looking for suggestions for this endeavor as well:

"Are you part of CSA? Do you own a food truck? Do you work on an urban farm? An insect farm? Do you work in aquaculture? If you or someone you know is doing good work towards sustainable food I'd love to visit."

Messersmith has also provided a bit of a primer as to what would make you an ideal host for the shows. In addition to having a living room that can fit 30 to 50 people, a backyard (ideally), and a willingness to host a potluck, potential hosts need to consider their feelings about a bunch of cars parked by their house, some (moderate) drinking, and how the neighbors would feel about a little concert going on.

Doors will be at 7:30, show starts at 8, and everyone out of your house by 10 (unless you state otherwise).

If you are interested, you should email Jeremy a few pictures of your home, and if it looks like a good fit for a gig, he'll get in touch to set something up. Who knows, maybe this summer Messersmith will be playing live in your living room.

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