Hot Freaks: I'm worried that my songs are too sad

Hot Freaks: I'm worried that my songs are too sad
Photo by Rachel Zumwalde

Being in a band these days is harder than it ever has before -- assuming you want to pursue a path than hasn't been forged before. Refreshingly, Minneapolis band Hot Freaks are anything but the same-old. The group has a clever funk-fused sound that's paying off wonderfully on their self-titled album.

Gimme Noise spoke with Joey Michaels before the band's album release at Cause this Friday about their cover of the Zelda theme and the enigmatic layers of their music.

Band Members: Joey Michaels, Sarah Darnell, Cody Brown, Darin Dahlmeier, Celeste Heule

Gimme Noise: Where does the name Hot Freaks come from? Whatever happened to Joey Michaels?

Joey Michaels: It's the name of a Guided by Voices song -- Cody and Darin thought of it. Joey Michaels is my "just for fun" pseudonym. I wanted the band to be called "Black Ice" but everyone thought I was saying "black guys."

GN: How does everyone's background play into the sound of Hot Freaks?

JM: Everyone has a different background, but we all love pop music. Cody and Darin played together for a number of years as Welcome to Cinema and developed a good communication with each other, so we play into that as well.

GN: Tell me about the cover of the Zelda song. How did you guys come to covering this song?

JM: I love video game music, especially the music from the Zelda series. There were a number of songs that I wanted to cover as a band and write lyrics for, this one just came together the easiest.

GN: Your songs are pretty light-hearted, so does it concern you that people won't take you seriously as artists with such subjects for your songs?

JM: Haha, I'm actually always worried that my songs are too sad so I try to inject as many qualifiers as much as I can. I read on Twitter today that there might be other universes. I didn't read the whole tweet, but if this is true i would feel less bad about my problems. As for being taken seriously, that'd be nice but I try to not think about it. I'm in another band called

GN: How did you meet Elliott Kozel and Kyle Sobczak, and why did you choose them to work with them on this album? 

JM: I met those guys a few years back through mutual friends Buffalo Moon. They were in Sleeping in the Aviary, a band whom we admired very much. Elliott liked our music and offered to help us out. We had no idea what we were going for half of the time so it took us a while but they were very patient with us, so I am grateful.

GN: Any favorite tracks off the new album?

JM: I like "Write Me Letters" and "Heartache." "Baby Boy" has the best lyrics though. Somebody should cover it!

GN: What can we expect to see at the album release show?

JM: It will probably be a hoot. The other bands we are playing with are both awesome and are having their own records coming out soon too. We haven't played for awhile so I'm sure all our biggest fans will be ready for some action. I'm going to sing and talk to the crowd as well as I can. There will be a BBQ before the show at my house.

Hot Freaks will release their self-titled album at Cause on Friday, June 14, 2013 with the Shakin' Babies and Rupert Angeleyes.
21+, $5, 10 pm

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