"Hot Cheetos & Takis" video features young Minneapolis rappers from Beats And Rhymes program

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With all of the grim self-seriousness that plagues a good portion of modern music, and with newspaper headlines growing more dire by the day, it's good to come across something that is genuinely fun and carefree without any ulterior profit motives or desperate grasps for celebrity.

And that is just what the young kids affiliated with Beats And Rhymes are doing. Beats And Rhymes is an after-school program set up by the North Community YMCA in Minneapolis in partnership with the Nellie Stone Johnson Community School, and it gives young kids the opportunity and equipment needed to make rap music as a reward for keeping up with their schoolwork.

The burgeoning talents of those youngsters are showcased in a new music video for the Y.N.RichKids' insanely catchy track, "Hot Cheetos & Takis."


The clip features kids from the Beats and Rhymes program hanging out outside of Wally's Foods on Penn Avenue North rapping about their favorite snacks while having a blast filming a professionally shot music video. The rhymes are all playful and filled with nothing but love for Hot Cheetos and Takis, while also good-naturedly dissing on Fritos a bit.

It's a fun, lighthearted video that represents the culmination of a lot of hard work on behalf of all the people involved in Beats And Rhymes, and gives all of these kids a tangible representation of the benefits of the program itself, as well as a cool music video that they can play to impress their friends.


The Y.N.RichKids crew have a bunch of other completed musical projects which can be found on their Bandcamp page, all of which are the results of participating in the Beats And Rhymes program. Each student has to complete their homework in order to participate in the after-school rap session, which encourages self-expression, hard work and dedication, all while fostering talent in these young kids, qualities which will clearly be beneficial to them as they make their way through life.

So grab yourself a couple of bags of Hot Cheetos and/or Takis and get on down with your friends to the Y.N.RichKids lively new video.

Update (8/14/12):
This afternoon at approximately 2:00 p.m., comedian Hannibal Burress tweeted about the insanely addictive "Hot Cheetos & Takis" video.

About an hour later, Aziz Ansari retweeted Buress's find to his 2,147,100 followers.

Before long, a flurry of Tweets about the catchy song began appearing.

Unfortunately, the huge spike in snack-rap praise turned into mourning as fans realized the video had been taken down due to this mysterious copyright claim by Texas A&M.

Gimme Noise reached out to 13twentythree Photography's Rich Peterson, who directed the video, and he says he has no idea how the copyright claim related to Texas A&M University. "It said it infringed on copyright," he says of the e-mail he received. "I'm not sure if it was because we were talking about [Cheetos] it was blocked. I haven't gotten a response back. I literally found this out in the last five to ten minutes."

"We're not generating any revenue off of it," Peterson stressed. "It's just a fun kid's video. I don't know why they'd block it. The song and the video itself are obviously original content. Takis' company media director had already contacted me about having the kids redo the song and just saying Takis and not saying Cheetos. I know they weren't behind it -- because they loved it."

At about 4:45 p.m., the video was reinstated. According to Peterson, there was another YouTube account that had copied the video and posted it, and this was what was reported. Both were taken down, but now we can revel in the "Hot Cheetos and Takis" yet again.