Hot as the Devil

Accidental e-mail can be such a gas. Owing to a publicist's computer brain-fart, City Pages has unexpectedly learned that its own Diablo Cody—the paper's TV critic and the writer of Juno, a major motion picture now shooting in Vancouver—has finally turned the temperature that her hellish penname has implied. She's "hot"—by association at least.

E-tweaking a Juno press release for the approval of a half-dozen colleagues, including the film's director Jason Reitman (Thank You for Smoking), the aforementioned flak suggested inserting the word hot before the name of the knocked-up title character's teenage buddy, played by new cast member Olivia Thirlby.

Hot? Why not? Officially ripe at age 19, Thirlby (United 93) has a full quintet of movies coming down the pike, Juno included. Besides, no less a film critic than IMDB message board-poster "boofansa" has deemed her "an orgasmic actress." (Maybe it's not too late to sneak that scorcher into the PR?)

Even jailbait knows that juvenilia rules in Hollywood. Daniel Dubiecki, Reitman's third eye at the production company they call Hard C, swung into the chat room with a pertinent correction for Mr. Hot Publicist. "Jason's quote as he originally wrote it was: 'This is a movie about teenage girls who grow up too fast and thirty-year-old men who refuse to grow up. I can't think of anything more appropriate for the times.'"

I can't either.