Hopkins boys kiss with tongue


The Plastic Constellations

have signed with

Frenchkiss Records

and are planning to release


in January. The guys should fit right in on a roster which includes the Hold Steady, Les Savy Fav, and numerous spaz rock bands. Fear not; the locals are still flaunting their TC pride. They may have signed with out-of-towners but the new album will be released in conjunction with

2024 Records

, which put out last year's


. Nothing but love for


; I can't think of a band who deserves this more.

And speaking of the Hold Steady, you can catch them on Late Night with Conan O'Brien tomorrow and Last Call with Carson Daly on Wednesday. This is the best thing to happen to television since Lifter Puller played "The Bears" for a bunch of strippers on Jenny Jones!

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