Hoolie Fest 2011 prize pack: Win a t-shirt, Shuga Records gift certificate and free admission


Hoolie Fest, the local music blowout that takes over Shuga Records during Art-A-Whirl weekend, is now in its second year and bigger than ever. Over 75 local bands will perform on two stages starting Friday (see below for the full schedule), and the eclectic lineup is designed to keep people wandering in and out of the fest all weekend long.

This year, Hoolie Fest is charging a minimal admission fee ($1 per day, or $2 for a weekend pass), and part of the proceeds from the sale of admission buttons will profit the St. Stephens Homeless Shelter. You can also win a Hoolie Fest prize pack right here on Gimme Noise.

We have several prizes to give away today:

  • One lucky winner will receive a limited-edition t-shirt (your choice of three design options), plus a button for weekend admission and a $10 gift certificate to Shuga Records.

  • Five winners will receive weekend admission buttons and a $5 gift certificate to Shuga Records.

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us why you want to go to Hoolie Fest. Here's the full schedule of bands slated to perform:


3:00pm Walker Fields
3:45pm Bitchalittle
4:30pm Gillespie Killings
5:15pm With A Gun For A Face
6:00pm Say Like The French Say
6:45pm Sex Rays
7:30pm Kill-Me Kare Bare
8:15pm Hunting Club
9:00pm The Nightinghales

3:00pm Carrie Deans
3:30pm Holly Newsom
4:00pm Matt Ernster and the Search for Love
4:30pm Ellen Forst
5:00pm Baby Grant Johnson
5:30pm Will Tolle
6:00pm Sneaky Pete Bauer
6:30pm Brent Fuqua
7:00pm Palmer T Lee
7:30pm Fat Chance Jug Band
8:00pm The Sundowners
8:30pm Scattered Birds
9:00pm We Can't Bury Shelley
9:30pm Chickadee Mountain Martyrs


12:00pm Gabe Barnett & The Big House Jug Band
12:45pm The Sunny Era
1:30pm  The Boys N' The Barrels
2:15pm  Hastings 3000
3:00pm  Phantom Tails
3:45pm  Martin Devaney
4:30pm  Communist Daughter
5:15pm  Moonlight Grammar & Bandage
6:00pm  Chantz & Audio Perm
6:45pm  ECID
6:45pm  David Mars
7:30pm  Bars & Measures
8:15pm  Unknown Prophets
9:00pm  Muja Messiah & Maria Isa

12:00pm Alyssa Bicking
12:30pm Jake Manders
1:00pm  Karen Townsend
1:30pm  The Union Suits
2:00pm  Broken Bicycles
2:30pm  Young Quitters
3:00pm  Meg Ashling
3:30pm  Cashin Brown
4:00pm  Paul Cook
4:30pm  The Firesides
5:00pm  Glen Hanson & Friends
6:00pm  The Cactus Blossoms
7:00pm  Nikki & The Ruemates
8:00pm  Jen Markey
9:00pm  Chemistry Set


12:00pm The Dropsteppers
12:45pm Black Audience
1:30pm  Mojo Pin Up
2:15pm  Trendy Trendy Space Vegans
3:00pm  Doug Otto And The Getaways
3:45pm  The Poor Nobody's
4:30pm  Brianna Lane
5:15pm  Party Of One
6:00pm  Fuck Knights
6:45pm  Grant Cutler
7:30pm  Red Daughters
8:15pm  Lucy Michelle and The Velvet Lapelles

12:00pm Corpse Reviver
1:00pm  Tuesday's Robot
1:30pm  Brian Just Band
2:00pm  Crush Collision Trio
3:00pm  Bleedin Maynerd Warandshoes
3:30pm  The Farmhouse Band
4:00pm  Katey Bellville
4:30pm  Wasted Education
5:00pm  Painted Saints
5:30pm  Tree Party
6:00pm  Jack Klatt & The Cat Swingers
6:30pm  Ogre Smash Death Boom
7:00pm  Sorry OK

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