Honeydogs frontman Adam Levy's son Daniel passes away at 21

Adam and Daniel Levy

Adam and Daniel Levy

Honeydogs frontman and Minneapolis music scene mainstay Adam Levy lost his son Daniel, 21, over the weekend after a long battle with mental illness.

It's been said that there are no words for a time like this, but words may be what bring us the most comfort.

I did not know Daniel Levy, but I know Adam, his father. I met Adam while attending school at IPR when I stopped in to his office to ask a favor. He mentioned that he needed assistance with a weekly show that he put on at school, DIY 360, and I hastily accepted. Little did I know how it would change my life.

[jump] Soon after joining Adam's production team (which was basically just me and him), my father had a stroke and became incapacitated. I distinctly remember being in Adam's office explaining how hard it was to not be able to make things better.

Adam always had the right words to say, and he shared with me the story of Daniel and what it was like for Daniel living with his mental illness. "It's difficult to try and help someone who can't be helped. You feel powerless," Adam empathized.

I did not see Adam as much once I graduated, but we kept in contact over the phone, email, and Facebook. Adam would get so excited when Daniel came to visit from his home in New York, his Facebook statuses simply saying, "Daniel's coming! Daniel's coming!"


And now:

I have never met someone with as much love for his children as Adam. Daniel was a talented musician and artist, and all of us at City Pages express our heartfelt condolences to Adam as well as the rest of his family and friends.


If you know someone struggling with mental illness, please let them know that there is help.

Suicide Hotlines

National Alliance for Mental Illness

Donations for Daniel Levy can be sent to:

Four Winds Saratoga

30 Crescent Ave.

Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

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