Honda aims to woo millennials with Weezer singalong ad


These days any advertiser gazing into his or her SEO-optimized crystal ball is likely trying to conjure visions of what the millennial family unit of tomorrow will look like. Will unvaccinated children name themselves? Will mom and dad also have a polyamorous friend named Tad? There’s one thing the folks at Honda U.S. seem certain of: We’ll all be comically white and participate in wholly atrocious Weezer singalongs while we caravan cross-country in our brand-new Honda Pilot Elites.

Honda started painting the airwaves Weezer blue this week with a Jason Reitman-directed advert in which a family, visibly in possession of iPhones, chooses to forgo their amenities of modern living in favor for the hoary tradition of singing “Buddy Holly,” Brady Bunch-style. Speaking with Brandchannel, Honda’s assistant VP of advertising, Tom Peyton, describes the commercial as a means to appeal to the older spectrum of thirtysomething millennials.

“The sort of ironic thing is that millennials are aging,” he tells Brandchannel. “We’ve sometimes got to catch ourselves in internal meetings when we talk about this hyper-youth target, because the older end of the millennial range is a 35-year-old who is raising a family and looking at family vehicles. That’s why our marketing has to be more fun and youthful than in the past.”

So when Weezer takes to playing "Buddy Holly" tonight at the Basilica Block Party in downtown Minneapolis, don’t be surprised if frontman Rivers Cuomo then busts out their new remix: “In the Garage (Is My New Honda Pilot Elite)." Watch the ad below.