Hollywood Big Shot Among Us

We at City Pages are seething with jealousy--I mean teeming with pride--that our own Diablo Cody is fast becoming an in-demand screenwriter. In June, Mandate Pictures announced that it was developing Cody's debut script, Juno, a dark comedy about a teenage girl who shags her study buddy, gets pregnant, and promises her unborn baby to a troubled married couple. Then, last week, Cody signed to a two-picture script deal with Warner Bros. Pictures. What's more, Cody's memoir, Candy Girl, about the year she spent working as a stripper in various Minneapolis clubs, will be published next year by Gotham. Recently I walked over to Cody's office and asked her three questions:

Hicks: Are you basically walking on air this week and figuring out what you'll wear to the 2007 Oscars?

Cody: I'm always walking on air because I wear Reebok Pumps. But this week, I inflated them to capacity because I'm a stone-cold Hollywood pimp and I deserve the extra elevation. You hear that, Hicks? P-I-M-P. Just kidding. Yes, I'm very excited, and yes, I've already commissioned a Wu-Wear gown made entirely from Lakers jerseys.

Hicks: Can I borrow the $200,000 I need for my great aunt's lumbago treatment?

Cody: Unfortunately, no. I already gave all the money to this great place in Hollywood called the Celebrity Center. They told me if I underwent something called an "audit," I'd become "Theta Clear" in a mere ten years. It's amazing.

Hicks: So can you tell us anything about the scripts you'll be working on with Warner Bros.?

Cody: The first one is an ensemble piece about the trials and tribulations of twentysomething worker bees. That's all I can say about that at present. The second one is up in the air. The best part about Hollywood is that they pay you to be vague.

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