Holly Henry and Ashley DuBose both exit The Voice

Holly Henry performing "Creep"
Holly Henry performing "Creep"

The Minnesota connections to the NBC talent competition The Voice both were shown the door on Monday night. In the knockout rounds, 19-year-old Holly Henry and 23-year-old Ashley DuBose failed to advance. Neither singer went down without a fight, though.

Both singers stepped outside of their comfort zones with their song choices for the night. Henry, who recently graduated from Hopkins High School, opted for Radiohead's buzz bin hit "Creep." This is a tough song to begin with, and she was forced to do a condensed version. Every single note of this track is essential, and messing with the dramatic tension written into it gave her a disadvantage.There were moments when Henry seemed uncomfortable, but she still showed promise of a stage presence that could blossom in a number of ways.

Here's Holly performing Radiohead's "Creep":

As for Ashley's turn with Train, this was amazing. Hearing "Hey, Soul Sister" usually makes me want to go to the nearest instrument store and smash every ukelele in sight, but in her hands, it felt more natural than the original. Makes you wonder what can happen if St. Paul's DuBose gets hooked up with the right collaborators in the years to come.

And Ashley doing Train's "Hey, Soul Sister":

As proven by the case of Nicholas David, who is doing quite well in his post-Voice life, the exposure from just appearing on the show for both of these young talents is priceless.

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