Hollow Boys release strong new album, play Turf Club tonight


Now, if we're talking about unsung, local musical minds go ahead and add Hollow Boys' Ali Jafaar somewhere near the top of that list. Jafaar -- an architect both as a musician (e.g. Zombie Season) and in the studio (I mean, how incredible was the production on that latest Crimes record?) -- holds a venerable history of local music involvement. Most relevantly as of the last couple years, this includes the moody-pop trio Hollow Boys, who have freshly dropped their third, most polished album yet, When You Think Of Us, Pray For Us.

Initially and consistently characterized as "gloom pop," earlier Hollow Boys material centered upon shadowy loops and the visceral drama of Jafaar's resounding vocals. This time around, the band has traded in the pedals for a more full-bodied sound, presenting an 8 track album that carries the band to surprisingly sunny and pop- oriented heights. They've always been a group with a tight dynamic and on "When You Think Of Us, Pray For Us," this is more evident than ever. Their musicianship is much more salient under arrangements that focus on the interplay of each individual part, rather than drama-intensifying effects.

"The biggest change was that we recorded it live with minimal overdubs and no edits, like a real band," Jafaar says. "I think it captures our live sound but with more doses of Ambien and references to Sade, which is exactly what we set out to do. It's like a chill, punk record. Our past records were recorded way more 'solo' with lots of loops and samples, but this one eschewed that approach for pure, visceral, collaborative bashing."

When You Think of Us, Pray For Us is available on the Hollow Boys Bandcamp for the lovely price of, you guessed it, your own choosing. Give it a listen, it's the perfect local soundtrack to ease you into a summer of great music: 

Hollow Boys play at the Turf Club tonight with France Camp, and Prissy Clerks. 9 p.m. $6

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