His Mischief listening party tonight at Turf Club


His Mischief. Drummer Jeff Brown is getting a beer while Sheridan Fox solos.

You know who we have to thank for the popularity of the album listening party? Metallica.

That's right-- the same tyrannical heshers that valiantly attempted to sue college kids off the map for yoinking the occasional mp3 helped establish the decidedly populist practice of the public listening party with the debut of their seminal self-titled album, for which they held a massive, open-to-the-public gathering to sample the new wares.

Following in that grand tradition tonight is His Mischief, a slightly more genteel but infinitely more affable troupe than Lars and James at their most sober. Tonight, in the cozy confines of the Clown Lounge (the Turf Club's subterranean second city), the pop rock three-piece hold a free listening party to preview their forthcoming full-length debut, The Perfect Lover.

The album is perfectly suited to the Clown Lounge-- without giving too much away, The Perfect Lover is a taut, exquisitely well contained pop record, one meant to be heard in good company, half-drunk on draft Budweiser.

The album doesn't drop until March 13th (also at the Turf Club), but tonight makes a great sample plate. And, as if the pot wasn't sweet enough already, the elusive, enigmatic, synthetic crooner Arctic Universe will perform. Gimme Noise defies you to find a better way to while a way a frigid Tuesday evening.