Hip-hop hockey, Croatian pastels, and a heartbroken house party in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Rap, bounce, rockskate: a clip from 'Ice Cold'

Rap, bounce, rockskate: a clip from 'Ice Cold' YouTube

Beer and music. What a perfect match.

As one of City Pages’ regular staff writers and the paper’s (self-proclaimed) Beer Editor, I’ve always found the intersection of beer and music is especially interesting, and I’ve been following Surly’s incursion into the local music scene very closely. Not only did they launch a beer in collaboration with First Ave , but their Surlyfest shows this past weekend have solidified the beer firebrand’s Festival Field as a home for music in the Twin Cities.

I know we like to get all warm and self-satisfied about locals helping locals in the Twin Cities, but this seems like a genuinely good trend. Brewing is a keystone industry for Minnesota, and if all the money and attention can be diverted to music, local musicians will win big. More music and brewery partnerships! Make Minnesota a destination for both.

Reel Smoovv and FreshVs Sellers – “Ice Cold”

Deeply Rooted Tribe ’s Reel Smoovv and FreshVs Sellers take to the ice in their collaborative new video for “Ice Cold.” The two MCs cut around the rink, rapping from the penalty box in a very on-the-nose metaphor for how smooth and cold their rap game is. Matt Wales Media shoots the video, but Smoovv and Sellers handle the direction themselves. Though the two are shaky on skates, “Ice Cold” proves they can run a shoot as well as they run the mic.

Bijou Noir – “Do This to Me”

Minneapolis musician Gus Watkins has been living in Croatia on and off since 2016, and the Balkan country has been a source of great inspiration. The video for “Do This to Me,” the latest single from Watkins’ band Bijou Noir, was shot in Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb. Director Joseph Hyrkas sought to show off the city’s beauty in bright, oversaturated blues, following actress Cait Greeley as she buses from location to location. Bijou Noir will release their EP We Are Alone Together with a show August 12 at the Nomad.

Lizea Harper – “Fire Escape”

Being young and tenderhearted is a recipe for disaster. In her new song “Fire Escape,” Minneapolis singer/rapper Lizea Harper makes this platitude flesh, telling the story of her self-destruction through infatuation. In the video, director Mercies May let’s plays out the tension in a house party. Harper watches from afar as her lost love tangles himself in something new, and she’s left to yearn from the kitchen, re-living feelings she longs to forget. “Fire Escape” was originally premiered by Go95.3 .

John David & the Jerks – “Swedish Dream”

Earnest folksters John David & the Jerks just signed a record deal with Kentucky’s sonaBLAST Records and will be releasing their new LP I Love You Means I’m Lucky on August 3 at the Entry. For a taste of that album, check out the solemn video for “Swedish Dream,” which draws from the beauty of Lake Superior to create a powerful sense of reverence and wonder. A dreamy, fantastical vision to accompany a dreamy, fantastical song.

Hennepin County Millionaires Club – “Not Ready to Say Goodbye” (Live)

If you don’t think being in a band is fun, try watching the live video for Hennepin County Millionaires Club ’s “Not Ready to Say Goodbye.” The video documents one of the band’s recording sessions at Future Condo Studios. As the seven musicians track live, it’s impossible for them to hide their glee watching as the song comes together. Makes you want to pick up a guitar, find six buddies, and turn your heartache into a thumping pop rock song. Venture out to see Hennepin County Millionaires Club on August 10 at the Turf Club.

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