Hip Hop Against Homophobia returns with two shows


Hip Hop Against Homophobia, a concert series aimed at raising money and awareness for GLBT organizations, will return this month with two more local shows. The first installment of HHAH took place in January at the Nomad, and co-organizer Kyle "Guante" Myhre says that the success of the first show has given them hope for the future of the concert series.

"The first show exceeded all of our expectations," Guante says. "It felt good to see that many people so excited about this concept. This time, we're having even more of a focus on education and action, with workshops and an ally-training leading up to the show. We'd like to see this as a model that other communities can use to collaborate."

Here are the details for the two upcoming shows:

June 13 at the Bedlam Theater in Minneapolis

Johnny Dangerous, Tori Fixx, See More Perspective & the Point of View Band, Bottom Feeders and EZRA of Death Ray Scientific, Lindsay of 2 Flytz Up, the Poetic Assassins and DJ Blowtorch

9pm | $5 | 18+

June 27 at the Depot in Hopkins

Guante & Big Cats!, Desdamona, Phonetic One and Barton Stink; also featuring an open mic beforehand

6pm | $5 | all ages