Hinder schleps Jager at First Avenue tonight


Hinder and Jagermeister? What a country. Bring your white hat and your khaki cargos to First Avenue tonight. Hinder self-defines as post-grunge, but that's a mighty fancy coat for their pasty, tribal-tat, dude-rock physique. As nauseous and syrupy and easy to digest as the licorice liqueur backing the evening, this is just the kind of commercial one-two knockout combo to which other unpleasant flavor clashes can be compared (you're off the hook for now, orange juice and pizza).

They're certainly a band that has more assholes than they know what to do with, but don't begrudge us for taking out few hundred words to give them a couple more to spare. It is, after all, a lazy December Tuesday, and our cups runneth over. Few bands have fought harder to stay in the basement of media attention than Hinder, grabbing gold albums with one hand and universal critical disgust in the other. On their debut "Extreme Behavior" (which is every bit as flat and indistinct as the title would suggest), one can almost hear their enormous prosthetic penises swinging in the mix like the bobs on a grandfather clock. Also note the ticket price ($27.50). Something implacably cruel about those fifty cents, no? But never fear, ladies-- with the Jager flowing freely, it's a night where the music and the anatomy should be flying at a non-threatening half-mast.

Tuesday, December 2. First Avenue Main Room. 18+. $27.50. With Trapt and Revelation Theory.