High Trek Adventure this Saturday


     (photo by kla4067)

Do you know Minnesota history pretty well? Can you remember what types of stores are around town? Do you like solving puzzles? High Trek Adventure will stretch and test your knowledge of the Twin Cities this weekend.

Competitors are asked to check in at Cowboy Slim's (1312 W. Lake St., Minneapolis) between 11 a.m. and 11:50 a.m. this Saturday. You can sign up beforehand or at the bar. The race begins at noon.

Teams can consist of more than two players, but only teams of two will be in consideration for prizes. The game will take place in both St. Paul and Minneapolis. Challenges may include things like bowling a strike at a specific bowling alley, identifying a flavor of ice cream, or finding a specific landmark. Some questions rely on pop culture, while others will test knowledge of local history, hot spots, or even math.

There will be many prizes for teams, including a top prize of $300 and the chance to compete for about $12,000 in the championship race. Other prizes include best photograph, best senior team, best family team, and best team uniform.

To play, each individual must pay $60. Proceeds benefit the Minnesota AIDS Project. Teams are encouraged to bring maps, computers, even GPS systems, but no bikes, rollerblades, or any other things that could give a transportation edge (bus passes are ok).

For more info or to sign up click here.