Hi-tops, Headphones, Spraycans and Microphones


"Billy" by John Grider

Triple Rock 241's are on a fast track to making Tuesday something other than the soft-spoken weenie that gets bullied around by Monday and Wednesday, and tonight's events are a value pack of uncommon style and substance. Hi-tops, Headphones, Spraycans and Microphones, they call it, and, with the siren song of cheap beer as the pretense, it's a night that means to revive a host of activities that once used to be executed at the same time in the same schoolyard-- DJ'ing, graf writing, and break dancing.

The body of talent is admirable to say the least. Featuring Get Cryphy's Jimmy 2 Times, Plain Ole Bill, MC Prof, and Burlesque's Wes Winship, the vinyl crates should be stacked to the tippy top of the Triple Rock's vaunted obsidian ceiling, while breakdancers crowd the T-Rock's spacious floor. And all the while, some of our best and most visible public artists, like Eric Inkala, Drew Peterson, and City Pages' 2008 Artist Of The Year entry John Grider, will be making a live installation on the Triple Rock Stage.

Whatever you had planned for yourself tonight, it can't hope to be as engaging as this, and you're not likely to see cooler shoes anywhere this side of Williamsburg.

Grider's Artist of the Year entry can be viewed here.

Tuesday December 2. Triple Rock Social Club. 21+. Free.