Hey, keep your pants on already

class=img_thumbleft>Best Buy and Target have announced

they're pulling Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

from their store shelves. After the flap over the

"hot coffee mod,"

a hidden game that requires a fair amount of nerdy know-how to download, ESRB has changed the game's rating from M (mature, 17+) to AO (adults only). Both Target and Best Buy refuse to carry AO games.

More than a month after the mod was leaked online, word of the already well-known game finally made its way into daily newsrooms, causing the press mob to salivate and jump all over the story, following each other like lemmings to a brothel. Days later, alarmist parents groups and hungry politicians (including Hilary Clinton and Joseph Lieberman) looking to either re-create their image or reach out to their slowly receding base demanded the game's creators, Rockstar Games, recall the title immediately.

The very public knee-jerk reaction to target these "purveyors of smut" is more than laughable: First of all, the game was rated "M," which, to reiterate, is for mature audiences. Secondly, the actual "pornographic" game within the game that's causing such a stink is nothing more than a dude (a fully clothed cartoon dude), whom you can maneuver to spastically hump a cartoon woman. There's nothing in it that teens won't see in, say, American Pie, which Best Buy sold in truckloads. Believe me: Stealing cop cars and beating the crap out of strangers on the street is way more titillating than this minigame. To see the controversial video, click here.

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