Hexagon Bar fundraiser tonight featuring 13 bands


The Hexagon Bar in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis is hosting a fundraiser tonight to raise money for a much-needed new sound system, and it's also a chance to catch one of their legendary as-many-bands-as-we-can-fit-on-the-bill lineups of local music. Tonight's show will featuring 13 separate bands -- the 12 listed on this flyer and one surprise act -- not too shabby for a free event. There's no cover, but all the money raised at the bar tonight will go toward new sound system components.

Here's the set times for the bands tonight:

1:15 Surprise Guests

12:45 Speeds the Name

12:30 Power of Two

12:15 Plastic Chord

12:00 Marvelle

11:45 Economy Team

11:30 Zyclon B Cool

11:15 The Nina the Pinta

11:00 Nightinghales

10:45 Young Brides

10:30 Falcon Arrow

10:15 Kill to Kill

10:00 The Hasbeen

9:45 Military Special