Here's 16 Replacements reunion videos from Riot Fest Toronto

Here's 16 Replacements reunion videos from Riot Fest Toronto
Photo by Ivy Lovell

Many amateur videographers put themselves into action last weekend at Riot Fest Toronto as the Replacements played their first gig in 22 years. As we wait for an official release of a live document of the show -- local filmmaker Rick Fuller was on the scene to record it all -- these 16 snippets can serve as an introduction to what transpired over the group's 75-minute set. Look for a few filmed by local correspondent Kyle Matteson.

Labor Day Weekend is sickeningly close, but there are still a few hours left, so repeat viewings of "Left of the Dial" (or reading 9,000 words by Titus Andronicus's Patrick Stickles about it) could serve as one way to kill some time before heading out to the State Fair, the lake, the ocean, or wherever.

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"Takin' a Ride":

"I'm in Trouble"/"Favorite Thing":

"Hangin' Downtown":

"Color Me Impressed":

"Kiss Me on the Bus":


"Achin' to Be":

"I Will Dare":

"Merry Go Round":

"Left of the Dial":

"Alex Chilton":

"Swingin' Party":

"Can't Hardly Wait":

"Bastards of Young":

"Everything's Coming Up Roses":


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