Hell's Kitchen cutting back on local indie music shows

Maria Isa performing at Hell's Kitchen
Maria Isa performing at Hell's Kitchen
Photo by B Fresh Photography

After nearly two and a half years of hosting regular late-night shows, Hell's Kitchen is scaling back on live local rock. While the potential remains for one-off shows, the regular series booked by Mike Siddall will not continue. Instead, the restaurant and venue is focusing on dance nights and calmer dinner concerts, which have proven more lucrative. The venue was a surprising host to local harder music when it first opened its doors to the local scene, but the pairing wasn't a perfect match.

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Hell's Kitchen CEO/co-owner Cynthia Gerdes offers the following explanation:

I need to be adamant that we are absolutely not discontinuing late nite music, we're simply moving in a different direction musically. In fact, so many of the special events we've hosted have sold out that we're increasing our late nite music. Mike Siddall did an excellent job booking outstanding local indie rock bands, but unfortunately that segment just didn't grow. The number of folks interested in heavy metal or hard rock at our underground venue paled in comparison to sold-out (400+) events such as Soul Friday, Burlesque Shows, DJ Shannon Blowtorch's Berlin Dance Parties, and the quarterly Grown & Sexy shows with folks waiting in line all the way out to the street.

Bottom line: local indie rock shows -- though a blast for those that came -- were the only genre of music not consistently supported by our customers. Instead, they clearly prefer our rock-the-wall dance parties as well as our more sane Dinner Shows, which allow folks to enjoy our late nite food while watching acts such as our sold out Turkeys Comedy Show or jazz shows with The Wolverines.

The remaining Hell's Kitchen rock schedule will continue through June, with the final weekly show coming from Thunderbolt Pagoda on June 22. 

The venue has hosted such locals as Charlie Parr, Self-Evident, MaLLy, Gospel Gossip, the Blind Shake, Buildings, and more.

Remaining schedule at Hell's Kitchen:

6/8: Electric Children/Villa Rosa
6/14: Rootbound/Dwell & the Shape Ship
6/15: Fire in the Northern Firs/Still Pacific
6/21: Goodnight Ritual CD Release
6/22: Thunderbolt Pagoda

Update: the previously listed July 19th show (The Great Went CD Release) has been moved to July 20th at The Hexagon.

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