Heliotrope Festival announces 2014 lineup

The impeccably curated Heliotrope Festival is back for its 10th (styled as Roman numeral X) running. The underground music fest announced it was "on pause" last year. Intermedia Arts will host the three-day event June 5-7.

Among 27 artists taking part are American Cream, OAKS, Thunderbolt Pagoda, Transitional Species, Paul Metzger, International Novelty Gamelan, and more acts pushing musical boundaries past their breaking point. 

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In previous years, Heliotrope has taken place at the Ritz Theatre, the Loring Theater, the Lab Theater, and Franklin Art Works. According to press materials, the Lyn-Lake-based Intermedia Arts location will provide a "lobby bazaar" feel to the proceedings that includes records, artwork, and other accoutrements to showcase the weekend's performers.

Interstitial music curated by Casey Deming of the MadameTuesday series will take place in the gallery space outside the theater between sets. Each day will run between 6 p.m. and midnight, and Friday's show will include a free companion show nearby at the Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater featuring unamplified performances by Dreamland Faces and the duo of Paul Metzger and Elaine Evans.

The full 2014 Heliotrope X lineup:
Milo Fine
Paul Metzger
Fine-Metzger duo
Jesse Petersen
International Novelty Gamelan
Robust Worlds
Comb Boats
Old Moon
The Hand
Take Acre
American Cream
The Rope
Transitional Species
Dolores Dewberry
New Wave Hookers
Blood Folke
Thunderbolt Pagoda featuring Jason Kesselring
Temple Of Set
House Of Atreus

Heliotrope X. $12 per day, or $30 for a three-day pass. June 5-7 at Intermedia Arts. More Info. Tickets.

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