Heiruspecs' Small Steps is 10 and free

Ten years ago, you still thought Interpol was cool. Also, Heiruspecs got its first taste of love from City Pages for its second album, Small Steps. Indeed, on the 13th day of March in 2002, Peter Scholtes' review of the album emerged. Although he expresses skepticism for the "live" idea, he calls this album "a creative equilibrium that feels like something new in hip hop."

In the interest of showing how far we've come, Small Steps is available for free download today. A decade ago, this would've been considered career suicide!

Your download awaits at Heiruspecs'

Bandcamp site

, and 12 free live tracks have been added to sweeten the deal. Don't sleep, though; this is only good for March 13, 2012.

We asked bassist Sean "Twinkie Jiggles" McPherson to recall those halcyon days of a decade ago.
The album's conception was in September of 2001 at Tom Herber's Third Ear Studio where the TCF Stadium is now located.

"Stepping back and listening to this record for this first time I am mainly touched by seeing the era where a main priority of the group was to just prove our existence," McPherson says. "At the time we were one of the only groups with a live band on the hip-hop scene, additionally we were amongst a handful of hip-hop groups starting to play straight up rock shows (Lifter Puller played right before us once, that was a lot of backs to look at)."

How was the live climate different?

At one set of shows, you're trying to convince the DJ that you do need to have the drums on stage and your convincing the crowd that we aren't the intermission. On the other hand you're convincing rock kids that there's a reason to check out rappers.

What do you hear when you hear this record in 2012?

When I hear this record, I hear our sets that tried to convince. I hear the Cannibal Ox, Nas, Pedro the Lion, and more that we were listening to. I also hear the group aging towards the moment where the mere sound of a rap over a live band wasn't enough to make us think it was good. I often say that live hip-hop bands have to have to write those first 20 songs where everyone is just so excited to hear a snare drum and a punch line together before they get to anything that Sugar Hill or Stetsasonic didn't already do way better.

Heiruspecs will perform two scholarship fundraiser shows on Saturday, April 7 at the Turf Club. All the details you need are below.

Heiruspecs' Small Steps is 10 and free

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