Heimie's Cabaret & Stage Show Tonight

Heimie's Cabaret & Stage Show Tonight
(photo by theonetruedevo)

Clueless when it comes to downtown St. Paul? In an effort to bring bars, entertainment venues, and patrons together, Heimie's Habadashery is hosting a party that will help you paint-by-the-numbers a really fun evening.

The party begins at 6:30 p.m. at Heimie's, were guests are invited to sample fine spirits and appetizers before the show. Then at the stroke of 7 p.m. the cabaret begins. There will be jazz by Pippi Ardennia, Arne Fogel, John Devine, and Mike Bogle. Betty Ann, dubbed "The First Housewife of Magic" will pull comedy and magic out of her hat all while looking as impeccable as Donna Reed. The Stage Show Starlettes will also give a whole-hearted vintage dance performance.

Here's where the deal comes in: Though you can by a cabaret-only ticket for $15, there are also several dinner and theater packages to choose from. So, following the show, patrons can walk over to the nearby restaurant they signed up for to fill up on food: Kincaid's ($35), Meritage ($40), or the Great Waters Brewery Company ($25). Pretty good deal, right?

Heimie's Habadashery is located at 400 Peter Street in St. Paul (www.heimies.com). To reserve a package, call 651.224.2354.

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