Hecatomb drops First Blood hip-hop mix

Carnage and Desdamona performing at the Eyedea4Africa benefit.
Carnage and Desdamona performing at the Eyedea4Africa benefit.
Photo by Erik Hess

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Depending on what you read, Hecatomb is a sacrifice of 100 oxen or cattle to the ancient Greek and Roman gods, or a spinoff role-playing card came from the people who brought you Magic: The Gathering, or a hip-hop collective featuring more than a dozen local talents.

Regular Gimme Noise readers have seen plenty of ink on MaLLy, Carnage the Executioner, and Desdamona, but this is a crew that digs far deeper into the scene. These 25 tracks found on First Blood, up today on Bandcamp, are a bit like a dark, apocalyptic encyclopedia. 

The featured players include Carnage the Executioner, Concentr8, Capaciti, Desdamona, X-Caliber, Knonam, 8bza, MaLLy, Repete23, Imaginary Friend, Beasly, Megatron, Godsent, Mac S.P.I.L.L.Z., Ethin Multiples, Jerk the Terrible, Illusion, Mick Finn, Random Thoughts, Earlybirds, A-Scratch, Conflict, Sonny Darko, k of Gahedindie, and Kongerer. But don't sleep on the appearance by Organized Konfusion's Prince Po, as well.

Combining the grittier moments from each of these performers' collective histories makes for a noirish end product. Combining this many voices screaming out from the darkest corners is a massive, enthralling sound.

Several of the co-conspirators show up on "The Class-Sicks," which originally appeared on Carnage's Worth the Wait.

Grip the entire thing, free of charge, here.

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