Heart games, train track dances, and hot pursuits in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

L-R Doug Collins' heart, the rest of Doug Collins

L-R Doug Collins' heart, the rest of Doug Collins

We all need a break sometimes.

In the three years I’ve been writing and compiling Local Frames, I’ve never missed a week. Every Tuesday (formerly Monday), there’s been a fresh batch of locally laid music videos sitting in your browser tab. But heads up: For the first time, next week, Local Frames won’t be there.

Instead of combing the internet and my inbox for the hottest in local music videos, I’ll be on the shores of France and Croatia with my wife celebrating the fact that we found each other. I’ll be back on September 10 as usual, though. If I don’t answer you email, just know it’s because of love.

Doug Collins & the Receptionists – “Conversation With My Heart” (PREMIERE)

You gotta appreciate the candor of a dude whose press materials declare him as “by no means some retro-rocker or vintage-white dude-come-lately,” and that’s exactly how Doug Collins rolls. The Minnesota-by-way-of-Iowa singer-songwriter and his band the Receptionists play wiry rock 'n' roll with significant small-town pop charm. In the video for “Conversation With My Heart,” the bucolic musician tries his damnedest to understand his heart, but to no avail. “Conversation With My Heart” is the opening track on Doug Collins & the Receptionists’ new album Good Sad News, which release September 1 with a show at the Turf.

Bev – “Burn”

The garage-pop savant formerly known as Niki Becker has rebranded and re-banded. Citing “a time of crossroads in her personal life” that includes a divorce and a new surname (her mom’s first name, Beverly), Niki and her new band have taken on the moniker of Bev and announced a new album, Static Elastic, for September 21. “Burn” is the first we get to hear of Bev, and it shows a softer, more contemplative side. Heather Elaine directs the video for “Burn,” which follows a wanderer as she freely dances across train tracks, daring the locomotives to try and interrupt her bliss.

Mac Irv – “Get Away”

Mac Irv and Henry Ariza prove you can do a whole lot in two minutes if you put your mind to it in their collaborative video for “Get Away.” The North Minneapolis rapper and his director slap together a thriller of a video with barely any runtime that shows Irv running from gangs of would-be kidnappers, trying to evade their clutches. Eventually, they nab him, and Irv unspools the sobering metaphor sitting behind the visual.

Annie Fitzgerald – “Feels Like Summer”

It’s the last week of the summer proper, and Minneapolis singer-songwriter Annie Fitzgerald is still clinging to the season. Her new song “Feels Like Summer” plays like a ritual designed to tease more sunlight out of August. Singing breathlessly between lens flares, Fitzgerald creates an enduring vision of summer. Bookmark it in your browser for January and it just may stave off your Seasonal Affective Disorder. “Feels Like Summer” is from the equally estival LP You & Me & the Sun, which dropped on June 1.

Wabasha – “Starting Over”

St. Paul producer Wabasha released his mostly instrumental and atmospheric self-titled debut in July. Wabasha shows incredible depth, something that’s showcased in the video for single “Starting Over.” In the video, Wabasha mixes his blithe, whirring musicianship with visions of nature that fold into each other. What results is a beautiful meditation on the restorative power of the natural world.

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