Hear Titus Andronicus, Craig Finn cover the Replacements

Titus Andronicus at Triple Rock in 2010

Titus Andronicus at Triple Rock in 2010

Brooklyn-via-New Jersey punk outfit Titus Andronicus runs on equal parts, piss, vinegar, and howled mantras. With each album cycle, frontman Stickles re-purposes old fan favorites while always introducing new lyrics to live by — the most recent standout from this month’s excellent The Most Lamentable Tragedy being “I only like it when it’s dimed out!”

Stickles & Co. have been honoring this ode to digesting life at a maxed-out volume with a five-night string of gigs at Brooklyn DIY space Shea Stadium, which wrapped up Tuesday. The final homecoming show also unfolded with some justifiable Minneapolis resplendence as Twin Cities expat and Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn joined Stickles for a handful of interpretations.

According to Spin’s recap, Finn came out to sing a cover of Billy Joel’s ode to living life at shopping-mall volume, “You May Be Right,” followed by Finn’s own ode to living life at the bottom of the Mississippi River, “Stuck Between Stations.” The collaboration ended with the team hammering out the ‘Mats’ “Bastards of Young” — an ode that remains unapproached by any other punk ode. Finn was inspired enough to write a Facebook post about it earlier today. Here's a snippet: 

"Patrick said they were going to do some “Old School Minneapolis shit”, obviously introducing the Replacements song, right? He then hit the opening riff for THS song “Stuck Between Stations." It was awesome. We did that one and then “Bastards” and then I got off stage and they continued to tear the place down."

This is barely the first time the two artists have rubbed shoulders. Finn provided the Walt Whitman voiceovers on Titus Andronicus’ The Monitor back in 2010. Stickles and Finn even covered “Bastards of Young” together back in 2011 at a Replacements tribute show. Titus Andronicus will bring their ruthless live show to the Triple Rock Social Club October 9.

  You can watch footage from their Shea Stadium residency below.