Hear Lizzo appear on Lena Dunham's 'Women of the Hour' podcast

Lizzo and Lena, podcast BFFs

Lizzo and Lena, podcast BFFs Atlantic Records; Facebook

As the crestfallen masses trudge blindly toward a future teeming with strife and division, our Midwestern pop and rock gods continue to thrive with great aplomb.

And good for them!

We need our artsy saviors to succeed in these uncertain times. Sure, their swagger and unwavering confidence might not always align with our oh-so precious prairie home sensibilities, but when it comes to locally based rapper/singer Lizzo, we can all agree it’s well-earned.

Minneapolis' preeminent pop-star-in-the-making appeared Thursday on Women of the Hour, a weekly podcast hosted by the reliably controversial writer/director Lena Dunham, for a revelatory, albeit thoroughly uncontroversial, interview segment.

The episode features sound bytes from prominent women musicians like synth-pop virtuoso Charli XCX and R&B songstress Tinashe. Lizzo’s portion runs a little over 10 minutes, and while we're bereft of a scintillating back-and-forth between her and Dunham, the episode does offer some fresh-ish insight into her numerous muses, origin story, and lyrical motivations.

“I am a fat black woman that is very fine, so I am writing songs that sound like a fat, fine black woman,” Lizzo says. “It’s amazing and somehow it’s political but really I’m just writing music for me by me and if you feel me it’s for you too.”

Lizzo spends the bulk of the segment recounting the process behind the making of her body-positive signature jam “My Skin.” She talks about being scheduled to play a New York City show in December 2014, the night a grand jury voted against indicting the NYPD officer involved in the death of Eric Garner. Affected and inspired by the collective malaise permeating NYC that day, Lizzo says she returned to Minneapolis to start piecing together “My Skin.”

“You realize how beautiful it is when people do connect, even in sadness,” our state's recent Atlantic Records signee explains, going on to cite Beyoncé.

Check out the entire episode below. Lizzo’s segment starts around the 6-minute mark. Listen to it now before Trump makes podcasts illegal.