Hear Howler cover Prince's "I Would Die 4 U"


After tearing into some Hüsker Dü at Rock the Garden in 2012, Howler are back with another cover by a local artist of serious renown. This time, it's one of Prince's songs, "I Would Die 4 U." With acoustic guitars in hand, helplessly chuckling frontman Jordan Gatesmith and guitarist Ian Nygaard showed a "sensitive" side during this performance for NME. 

Pretty much none of the original touches of the Purple Rain touchstone are intact here. (Unlike Arcade Fire's recent run through "Controversy.") Instead, there's a more lackadaisical approach to this ultimate pronouncement of devotion. "I would die for you -- 'til it's time to get a drink," is Howler's version of computer love.

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As the publicity cycle kicks in for next week's release of the band's second album, World of Joy, this bit of blog bait shows the guys still can't help but have a sense of humor about the role of a successful Minneapolis band.

For more lifting from Prince, listen carefully to the intro to "Here's the Itch That Creeps Through My Skull" off World of Joy, streaming at 89.3 the Current.


"I really think that Minneapolis is having a golden age. I didn't see it three years ago, but I see it now," Gatesmith told Zach McCormick in this week's City Pages print edition. The article details the band's new members, and an album that easily surpasses their strong debut.

Here's a flashback to their cover of "Don't Want to Know if You Are Lonely":

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