Hear first-ever songs from Doomtree spinoff group Shredders


Hello SHREDDERS Zoe Prinds Flash

The Jeffersons. Frasier. CSI: Miami. All spinoffs, all solid fuckin' gold.

A new spinoff emerged Tuesday from the lineup of all-star Minneapolis hip-hop crew Doomtree: Shredders, featuring Doomtree rappers P.O.S and Sims, plus Doomtree beatmakers Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger. 

Is it Frasier-level solid?

You be the judge! Below you'll find the self-titled debut Shredders EP, which sneakily dropped online last week. 

"I kind of feel like a little kid again starting a new band." Lazerbeak tells City Pages of Shredders. "It's the best."

That energy is felt throughout the three-song EP, which features Doomtree MC Mike Mictlan as a guest, but not the collective's other members, Dessa (she of Hamilton Mixtape fame) and Cecil Otter. The explosive tracks bump with turnt-up beats and easy-flowing, tag-team verses. 

Does this mean the end of Doomtree? This does not mean the end of Doomtree. Here's Lazerbeak from a blog announcing the new group:

"And please do not fear. The arrival of Shredders does not mean the demise of Doomtree in any way, shape, or form," the real-life Aaron Mader writes. "We all agreed to take a crew hiatus at the end of the All Hands touring cycle to focus more on solo work for a bit, which is why the last eight months have seen the release of Sims’ More Than Ever, P.O.S’ Chill, dummy, and Paper Tiger’s In Other Words albums. I executive produced all three and so we decided to keep the momentum going and bang out some more legendary heaters this year. Thus, Shredders was born."

In fact, you can catch Doomtree twice this month in Chicago, either at the Subterranean (July 28) or at Wicker Park Fest (July 29). Or both! We don't run your life. 

The Shredder boys will make their live debut Sept. 9 at Cabooze Outdoor Plaza as part of Prof Outdoors 4 -- "The Biggest Show in the History of Prof," it promises.