Hear Arcade Fire's cover of Prince's "Controversy"


Arcade Fire launched the encore of their Minneapolis Reflektor tour stop at Target Center with a surprise cover of Prince's 1981 hit "Controversy."

Moments before, the Reflektors -- the bobble-headed fake band providing comic relief on a small stage -- had announced they were playing a song by a "local boy made good, Cyndi Lauper." They launched into "performing" a piped-in version of the Purple One's Dirty Mind standout "When You Were Mine." After a few stanzas, the real Arcade Fire emerged on the main stage, and got to business.

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Frontman Win Butler had an LCD cube around his head that alternated between pictures of Prince's face and Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Though he held a wireless mic up to his head, he didn't provide any vocal support for the performance. It looked like this:

Instead, Will Butler and Richard Reed Perry sang on the full-band, electric version of the song. The saxophone sounds excellent.

The Minneapolis show was the second of Arcade Fire's 2014 campaign and followed Thursday's stop in Louisville. During that show, they added a cover of the Rolling Stones' "The Last Time."

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