Hear an Unreleased Trip Shakespeare Track from 1988 [PREMIERE]


Back before John Munson graced the stage with the New Standards, Dan Wilson was spinning gold for the likes of Adele and the Dixie Chicks, and even before the definitive paean to closing time, there was Trip Shakespeare. Marrying love beads and loud guitars, these kids made some of the most danceable, erudite, and humorous ("Toolmaster of Brainerd" anyone?) pop music ever churned out of these parts.

This December, their first two albums are getting the deluxe reissue treatment with lots of unheard gems. We've got one of them streaming below.

To get you caught up, the story began with college chums -- Harvard, no less -- Matt Wilson and Elaine Harris settling here on the tundra, recruiting bassmonster Munson and releasing their debut, Applehead Man, on Gark in 1986. Wilson's brother Dan joined the fold soon thereafter and Are You Shakespearienced? hit the racks in 1988. These two records, along with the quartet's fiery live show, helped amass a sizable and devoted following.

Though Trip Shakespeare eventually made their way to A&M Records for 1990's Across the Universe and 1991's Lulu, it's the two independent releases that are perhaps held in highest esteem by the band's fans. And these fans are certain to shimmy in their slacks at the news that these records are finally getting the deluxe treatment from fine folks at Omnivore Recordings.

Applehead Man will be beefed up on CD with seven previously unreleased bonus tracks. The LP, on the other hand, remains true to the original release, but ups the ante with a limited first pressing on translucent red vinyl and a download card so you get all the goodies.

The steroid-addled version of Are You Shakespearienced? will offer up nine bonus tracks, while the LP will briefly be available in translucent sea foam green vinyl. And yes, you get the download card, because you've lived long enough without a recording of an early version of "Snow Days."

And now the bad news: You're going to have to wait until December 16 to get your meathooks on these re-releases, and there's currently no plan in the works for reunion dates.

So, serving you up the premiere of an unreleased bonus track, "Stories End," seems like the least we can do.


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