Hear Allan Kingdom remix Lil Yachty's viral hit 'Minnesota'

Allan Kingdom, proud, ID-carrying Minnesotan

Allan Kingdom, proud, ID-carrying Minnesotan SoundCloud

Atlanta's Lil Yachty scored a viral hit in 2016 with "Minnesota," the oddball teenage rap star's ode to being as cold as the namesake state (the music video features an "ice resurfacer," Zamboni Co.'s lawyers informed City Pages). 

And last week Allan Kingdom, Minnesota's own rising hip-hop talent, reworked the track to include iconography specific to the Gopher State. 

"I been all around the globe, yeah / But I stay in Minnesota" he sings over Yachty's familiar piano hook, going on to name-check Timberwolves star Zach LaVine, "a bitch in Anoka" who does "the splits on the sofa," the Mall of America, and "Purple Rain." 

The St. Paul MC hints at a follow-up to last year's Northern Lights mixtape in the song's SoundCloud description field: "Happy New Year Everyone! Thanks 4 everything, new album soon. In the meantime, here's one for Minnesota."

More concrete facts can be gleaned from the photo accompanying the link. Namely, that Kingdom stands an impressive 6-foot-1, weighs in at a trim 165 pounds, and is registered as an organ donor -- noble! Take it from here, Wikipedia editors.