'He was like a ray of light': Read Paul Westerberg's heartfelt Prince remembrance

Miss you, Prince

Miss you, Prince

Throughout the '80s, Prince and the Replacements helped define how the world viewed Minneapolis. Or, you could argue, made much of the world aware that Minneapolis even existed. 

On Friday, one day after Prince's unexpected death at 57, Rolling Stone published a touching remembrance from 'Mats frontman Paul Westerberg. 

Westerberg's words, as told to RS's Jon Dolan, are funny (amazing urinal anecdote; recalling Prince saying "stop fighting, you'll mess up your clothes"), heartfelt (remembering when Prince cheered him up following a death), but mostly awe-struck ("I've spent more time with Bob Dylan, and I've got to say that I was more in awe of Prince"). 

Like most Prince eulogizers, Westerberg points to The Purple One's almost otherworldly talent, and says its radiance improved the entire Twin Cities music scene. 

"It was like, 'What are we doing? This guy is, like, on a different planet than we are,'" Westerberg, 56, says of his peer. "It was showmanship, it was rock & roll, it was fun, it was great. I think it helped everyone around. It made us all think that Minneapolis wasn't the dour town that we tried to pretend it was. He was like a ray of light in a very cautious place."  

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