Haunted House's 'Lesh is More': An interpretation

The record review is an aged beast. We don't necessarily need anyone to tell us if something is good, do we? It takes about as much time to acquire an album as it does to read about it these days.

That said, here is a wholly imaginary, associative, overly poetic and possibly offensive review of Haunted House's Lesh Is More, released about a week and a half ago to many smiles and craned necks at the Turf Club.

An arena in the eighties and the headliner is late. A tiny ragamuffin colored angry.

It's a Sunday and the library is closed.

They once had the same dream; something about a drive and a fight and a bonfire.

Craig Finn got lost on the way to class.

"Rinse and repeat" is a grift.

Hide that pain with bombast.

It's best to start walking barefoot early in the summer. Calluses mature and blacktop turns warm.

I hate this movie.

One morning in an idyll, picking flowers and grinning, fancying the sky and the squirrels, she's suddenly beset by a large woman with a long broom.

The piano Tom plays with his tootsies in Big isn't as much fun as it seems in the movies.

A garage is an OK place to sleep.

One more cigarette. When do we get physical?

All this trying is wearing thin.

You can listen to songs from Lesh Is More on Haunted House's Myspace.

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