Hastings 3000 stars in Ian Rans's third One Men documentary

Hastings 3000 stars in Ian Rans's third One Men documentary
Anyone who is a fan of trilogies will be excited to view the third, and final, installment of Ian Rans's One Men documentary series today. Bittersweet. In each episode, auteur and alcohol connoisseur  Rans (of Drinking With Ian fame) interviews a local musician who is happy to perform by themself. Previously, Ray Evangelista and One Man Dan had their stories told, and this week it's the masked experimental rocker Hastings 3000 who gets a deeper look.

Hastings 3000 is currently in Africa recording tracks for his next record, but he has generously provided a free track from his last release as a gift to all the viewers. Dive in!

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From Ian:

This week's final installment of One Men focuses on the one and only Hastings 3000. And when you watch the intro to this week's video, I want you to know I'm not kidding. He's actually in Africa right now recording tracks for his new album. Morocco, to be exact.  If you're not familiar, Hastings 3000 is a post-apocalyptic one man band that dares to embrace rock music and stage flash. H3K is the brainchild of Joe Hastings, who has been a staple in town with bands the Sex Rays and the Fuck Knights.

Hastings 3000 has received better press, though -- he's been featured papers as diverse as the New York Times, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Japan Stars And Stripes and he's no stranger to the City Pages as he was awarded Best Rock Band in the 2011 Best Of the Twin Cities. His first LP A New Monster is in stores and is a must-hear for any fan of local rock (or the apocalypse).  He even gave us the lead off track from that album to download, if you're so inclined.

Thanks for sharing your work with us, Ian!

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