Hardcore Crayons' "Sarcasmic" video comes out of hiding

Playing hide and seek is like one of those breathless dreams of being endlessly chased -- but entirely in real life. The stakes are usually pretty low in most H&S games, but the Minneapolis post-rock trio Hardcore Crayons takes it to the extreme in their new video for "Sarcasmic," a single off the soon-to-be-released Just for Grins.

The song's spit-fire percussion and an array of inventive, challenging riffs aren't exactly built for a placid experience. It might make your heart beat faster, or at least get that hyperactive leg twitch going. In any case, it properly conveys the paranoia felt by our three protagonists as they dart away from a seemingly harmless and adorable would-be captor.  
Some take greater lengths and travel to remote parts of our fair Cities to get away from their seeker here, and it's clear that the phrase "just a game" gets entirely lost on the Hardcore Crayons.

Will they be found in time for an album release show at Hell's Kitchen on Saturday?

Hardcore Crayons. With Self-Evident, Bloodnstuff, the Book of Right On. 21+, $5, 9:30 p.m. Saturday, June 9 at Hell's Kitchen, 80 S. 9th St., Minneapolis; Free PBR tall boy with a purchase of Just for Grins. RSVP here.

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