Har Mar Superstar working on an HBO show

Har Mar Superstar working on an HBO show

Har Mar Superstar--hirsute showman. Hipster extraordinaire. Multi-talented popster. Budding nudist. And now, possible HBO sitcom actor.

Har Mar's success in show biz is a greater testament to the relative value of perspiration over inspiration (not that he's particularly lacking in the latter). No one, for example, would have imagined that Sean Tillman would have scored a make-out session with Kate Moss by revealing his pale, fleshy netherbits on the Turf Club stag while crooning prankster pop, but that's precisely what happened.

And after breaking barrier after barrier with sheer will and self-insinuation, it looks like Har Mar is on-board for a possible HBO comedy.

"Hardest working Man In showbiz" is a title too often bandied about, and has been applied to people like Gene Simmons, the drummer from Def Leppard, and, oh, pornstar Ron Jeremy (to whom Har Mar once suffered numerous physical comparisons).

But really. For a man of Har Mar's stature and physical attributes to become a real live sex symbol is a matter of non-stop ass-busting.

Here's what we know about Har Mar's latest endeavor--he, Juno's Ellen Page, and Arrested Development's Alie Shawkat are writing Sitch N' Bitch, a single-camera comedy about excruciatingly hip Williamsburg pukes who strike out for Silver Lake to become...well, whatever--as long as it's big and printworthy. The three met while at work with Drew Barrymore (Har Mar's erstwhile bff) on Whip It, which is currently cluttering up theaters nationwide.

There's no word about whether or not Har Mar will win screen time. But, given his ability to thrust himself into limelights of any and all stripes, there's absolutely no reason to believe that he won't.

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