Har Mar Superstar to head home to Triple Rock

Ever wonder what happened to that chubby kid who had all the jokes n high school? Well, if you went to high school in Owatonna, MN in the mid-'90s, that kid now lives in the Hollywood Hills, carousing with the likes of Drew Barrymore and that guy from the Mac commercials. I know this because you went to school with Sean Tillmann, better known as Har Mar Superstar, the least likely guys to ever star in a Lynx deodorant (the UK version of Axe) campaign--as a master of seduction no less...

What's Har Mar's secret? You won't find it beneath his rotund belly, underneath the lime green briefs that often serve as stagewear at his concerts. You will find it in his music--a tongue and cheek pastiche of loverman R&B that probably gets him as much play as John Legend on the indie set. Cause like Eddie Murphy said in Delirious, "You don't have to look good. You can sing and get pussy."

Har Mar Superstar "Crappy Holidays"

Home for the holidays, Har Mar e-mailed Citypages from his momma's house (still in Owatonna) to talk about denim underwear, hot new local bands, an the mall that bears his name.

This is a hometown show for you. Is there a different feeling performing for people you've known your whole life?
Yeah, it's a little bit different. It can go one of two ways. You can get lazy and not go 100% because you're too comfortable, or you can really focus to impress those who matter to you. I am going for the latter from here on out. I've tried the other approach, and it's landed me in hot water. I am very excited that my mom, dad, brother and sister will all be in attendance at the Triple Rock show. Gotta make the other Tillmanns proud.

You live in Hollywood now, carousing with movie stars and wearing aviator glasses. How are you handling the cold in the Midwest?
I actually seem to be handling the weather here better than everyone else. I am, however, constantly in warm houses, cars, and bars. I think the fact that I'll be in Mexico on Sunday afternoon psychologically pads it too. Also, it's fun to drive on this slippery stuff. It's totally lawless!

You released an album as Sean-Na-Na this year. How is that different from your Har Mar persona?
Sean Na Na is my guitar-based side. I try to find a more rock/new wave sound for those songs. Lyrically they are a bit more realistic than Har Mar fantasy R+B jams, which some people like more. I have fun with both, but Sean Na Na definitely has a real "guys drinking beer and rocking like the old days" feel. It's comforting...and drunken.

You were rocking the briefs look long before American Apparel made it cool.  Did they bite your steez?
I think I bit my style from Underroos when I was about five years old. Briefs are here to stay, and I'm glad. I want to make an underwear line with Paul Frank. It's about time, right? Or maybe denim briefs with Levis. Target Corp. marketing people, are you hearing me? Let's get on this. Help me help you make even more cash.

Wikipedia says you were named after the Har Mar Mall in Roseville, Minnesota. If that's true, have you been back to the mall recently?
I drove by Har Mar Mall just today. I'm pretty bummed that Har Mar Theater is gone because that's where I saw almost every movie for 10 years. The Cub Scout Store is still alive and kickin' though, so that's pretty sweet. Not to mention Spirit Shadows for all of your native needs including wolf sweatshirts and dreamcatchers.

It also says you're a spokesperson for Lynx (Axe) in the UK. WTF!?
That's true. The Vladivar Vodka campaign I did was amazing too. I have to admit that I love to get paid to do ridiculous things that other indie artists would deem un-cool or be crucified for. I have more versatility that way I guess. I also have a lot more Lynx bodyspray and Vladivar Vodka than most as well. 

By the way, Dirty Preston's band new punk band, Nonplus, are opening the show at the Triple Rock as well as Red Pens, my friend Howard from Busy Signals' new band. I can't wait to see both bands play. I love new blood on the scene!

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